radio channel quality

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    When I open up HD in the DJIGO app I noticed all the channels were rapidly going up and down with blinking red yellow and green bars. Is the RC broken. Cause I have scoured the web for days looking for anything relevant and no luck. Thanks
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    How to lower video feed resolution?

    I am using the DJI GO app version 3.1.28 in the United States for my Phantom 3 (standard version). The HD icon and video quality settings for transmission, which I've seen mentioned elsewhere, do not appear to be present on my version of the DJI app. This is a big headache as it limits my...
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    Will not connect ...

    My Phantom 3 has been working great. However yesterday I tried the "orbit mode". It hovered over what I thought was 10 feet above a tall fir tree. I looked at the controller for a second (to try and figure out why it didn't see the object to orbit)...I then heard a grrr noise and saw it tumble...