1. J

    Any Dummy Can Fly a Drone

    For Phantom 4 Pro (and others) Every good pilot uses checklists. Regard your Phantom 4 Pro or other quality UAV as a toy and it will end up as most toys do…broken or lost. As you gain experience with this device you will come to appreciate the sophistication and planning that went into its...
  2. M

    GO4 bottom left radar updates

    Where can I find info about that? iOS I see a battery percentage I guess is an efficiency measure. I also see below the radar some bars I am not sure what they are. Thank you.
  3. HuckleberryStyle

    Giant Bluefin Tuna Fishing - Please Check This Out

    Hello All! Super excited about this video. Please LIKE the video in YouTube. I really appreciate it! Took my P3P several miles out in the Atlantic and got some great shots while catching a beast of a fish. Let me know what you think!
  4. J

    Is it dangerous to fly here?

    Is it dangerous to fly here? Hi all, I am new to the forum and am looking for some advise. I am in the military (South Africa) and am planning to get some aerial shots at the upcoming Navy festival. Obviously at the end of the festival I would very much like to have my P3 in good (non crashed)...
  5. S

    Ground radar

    Hi. How do ground radars affect a Phantom? I was by a shipping lane and near to a radar that was monitoring shipping traffic. If i had taken off, would the radar have affected the flight of my Phantom?