racing drrone

  1. F

    RISE Vusion Extreme FPV Racing Quad 200mW and DJI RE GOOGLES

    I have the new DJI racing goggles and am looking at the RISE Vusion Extreme FPV Racing Quad 200mW. Would this be compatible with the goggles and if so, would I need to purchase an antenna and set that up. Any help would sure be appreciated as I'm very new at this. Please pardon my spelling error...
  2. B

    Yes, they are here to stay: Racing Drones.

    Seems kind of futuristic. Racing Drones are here to stay. This is apparent as DJI opened it's first drone racing playground in South Korea. 1,395 square meters of drone racing fun, one could consider this to be a state of the art facility. The best part of this facility is that you do not need...
  3. Jack Ley

    Racing Drones

    Hey, anybody else fly the racing drones when not flying their Phantom? I just bought my first one, it's a 250 class, Storm Buster. Yesterday was my first time flying, it was a blast, but boy is there a steep learning curve, it really makes you appreciate how easy DJI made the Phantoms to fly...