quality footage

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    stills on the phantom 3 standard

    Hi. Newbie to forum here. I'm a serious amateur photographer producing a charity calendar [in Welsh!] I've bought a P3S. Stills from the RAW files of fairly nearby objects [eg my house]have good sharpness & colour after some Photoshopping [levels, high pass filter, noise reduction in ACR]...
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    Blurry video footage

    I recently purchased a P3 standard and after recording a few videos I can't get any to play back on my galaxy s7 without being blurry. Clear footage on macbook but how can I edit and watch on phone at good quality? Have tried watching after uploading to YouTube but still blurry
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    Video quality

    hey guys I'm using a p4 and I am having a terrible time with keeping the quality good when I email or post a video on Facebook? Any thought or advise I see great videos on face book all the time I'm curious what I am doing wrong
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    P3A image quality issues

    Hi all. I'm a new owner of a P3A that i have for 1 week now. I'm a professionnal videographer, so I'm used to color grade and work on video footages (DSRL 8 bits compressed footage, but i work a lot as well on blackmagic cameras, ProRes 422 10 bits or raw video 12 bits footage). Now, i have to...
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    Are ND filters necessary?

    I've had my Phantom 4 for about a week now and absolutely loving it, however I'm going to start using it to film some more important footage now and want to make sure it's capturing the best possible quality video. Are ND filters necessary? And if so, how cheap can you get away with buying them...