1. tml4191

    Banaue Rice Terraces : Panorama

    I had to resize the picture to 81% to make it less than 20mb: ... 9-bb60-0fa1e8586882 I decided to go with Kolor Autopano 4 to stitch this photo together. Thanks for everyone that recommended this program. Even though it is slower compared to PTGUI, I prefer...
  2. tml4191

    what do you guys use to stitch panoramas?

    I'm considering purchasing ptgui to step up my panoramas, but before I make the purchase, what are your guys' recommended panorama stitchers? Hugin,Microsoft ICE and Photodirector 8 were the other programs I've messed with, but none of those programs match the precise stitching of ptgui. I'm...
  3. TKofoed

    POI Circular Image - anyone?

    Hi, I think we have all seen the stunning 360 spherical panoramas images created in PTGUI or similar software - like this The Italian Palace I am wondering if someone knows how to create a circular panorama of a POI - thinking you can circle around an object, but instead of shooting video you...