1. Chappy

    Best place to buy a pro + Combo in the uk?

    HI guy's, This is my 1st post so go easy on me if this has already been asked. I'm looking to buy a Pro + & 2 extra batteries / charging base at the end of the month. Where is the best place to buy in the uk and who will offer a deal if paying cash ( No finance ). Thanks for your help...
  2. K

    Looking for P4 Pro+ backpack that will fit controller w/ attached screen!

    Hi Everyone - sorry if this has been covered before, but I've been looking for some time and can't seem to get answer on Amazon, from vendors, etc. Does anyone know of or have a backpack that can hold at least 3 batteries and a Phantom 4 Professional (Pro+), as well as the Phantom 4...
  3. B

    Using the DJI Go app on a separate tablet with Phantom Pro 4 Plus

    I have the Phantom 4 Pro plus and like the idea of the built in editor of the DJI go app, but with the built in screen/app of the 4 Pro plus, the video editor appears to be far more basic than those one can download on tablets/phones etc. I've download the software on both a separate tablet and...
  4. F

    Swapping Camera for Phantom 3 Professional

    Anyone know if its possible to take the camera from the new phantom 4 pro+ and put it onto the phantom 3 pro?
  5. Arbutus

    Go app on P4Pro+ ?

    I would like to use DroneDeploy for mission data collection with a P4Pro+ with the built-in display. It appears that the app only runs on a smartphone so I'm wondering if it is possible to link an iPhone to the controller and bypass the built-in display temporarily.