1. W

    Hello from Finland

    Hi, you seem to be plenty here. Been close to drone some 2 months now and the main target is geo mapping. Bought P4P plus ( ;( mistake cant get it working for the purpose. Should have bought P4P ) Anyway trying to get around the problem elsewhere in the forum. However. One issue is puzzling...
  2. Rayb27

    Who owns the airspace above private property?

    Who owns the airspace above private property? Oregon man faces felony charge for shooting drone out of the sky I recently posted the above article on a social media site of a man shooting a drone out of the sky and received a response from a gentleman of "....they got no right to spy on...
  3. P

    Is it Legal...

    Is it legal in the UK to fly over property that you do not own such as neighbours houses as long as you do not infringe on their privacy and are high enough... Just wondering as it is not made clear in the CAA's drone code?
  4. rickeyfitts

    Say No! to the City of Richmond's Proposed Drone Ordinance

    I recently added my name to a petition to reject the Restrictive Drone Ordinance under consideration by the City of Richmond, California. To my surprise, I received this sincere response from Richmond's Vice Mayor Jovanka Beckles. I wanted to share her email and my response: "Thank you for...
  5. Not A Speck Of Cereal

    Looking For UAV Privacy Violation Instances

    Hi all, Have you come across any published stories about people flying UAVs that have been prosecuted for actually invading someone's privacy? Exclusions: I don't mean the frequent reports we hear of someone shooting a UAV out of the air simply because it flew over their private property. I...
  6. P

    Any way to disable "phone home" feature? i.e. spying

    I noticed that the DJI manual talks about flight data being sent back to DJI servers. Is there any way to workaround or disable this??? Does the drone have any non-volatile storage? Where is the flight/use data stored? on the SD card? One thing that I thought of is to copy all the data from...
  7. Theresa Strange

    DJI Considering Sharing Flight Data with Authorities

    If you were wondering... Yes they're probably going to do this... Read the article here: or
  8. J

    Check out this drones quiz!

    Hi Everyone, We’ve created a tricky quiz on the biggest drone-related stories which have been hitting the news! I thought that you guys might be interested to test your knowledge, you can take the quiz here: How Much Do You Know About Drones? Thanks, I’d love to hear how you get on!