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  1. Winter Beach Day In Ocean Park, WA

    Winter Beach Day In Ocean Park, WA

    Bring the whole Family to the Beach Including the Dogs! Drone- Phantom 3 Standard Editing Software- Premiere Pro CC Music- Audio Library
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    p4 H264 Editing a nightmare with Premiere CC 2018

    I have a decent computer i7 7600K with 32GB of RAM 1080Ti with 12GB of Video. There is not way I can get smooth playback, not even at 1/16 Resolution. How Can this be possible? What I'm doing Wrong? I can't believe transcoding is the only solution. I have over 8H of footage I will take for ever.
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    What premiere pro cc settings are best for Instagram?

    I've been trying to upload my edited 15 second video to Instagram, but once it posts, the quality drops dramatically. Once I upload my video to my iPhone, it looks HD but after I post to Instagram the quality isn't HD anymore. Can someone recommend the best settings to keep the HD quality?