1. FunN4lo

    Preflight checklist

    Has anyone found a great preflight checklist app? It does not have to be drone specific, although that would be great. I am looking for something I can edit to my needs. Something that keeps the checklists by date so I can prove that I am using them if need be
  2. Sim597

    Things pilots should avoid while flying

    I actually did a search first to make sure this wasn't already covered. I'll start by saying it was on this forum where a pilot flew to close to his car, had erratic behavior and crashed his bird, I know it seems simple because we are pre-warned about this, and to the OP of that posts'...
  3. U

    Newbies Checklist

    Just a few things to add to your preflight check list. Check - Gimble lock removed, Lens cover removed, Home point has been set, Props are tight, Motor screws are tight, How many satelites. You need 7 minimum, Battery level, Ipad (display) battery level, Wind speed and if high check...