precision landing

  1. Notchiro

    Precision Landing

    I wanted to know how the phantom 4 pros precision landing works. I'll check it off in the DJI go 4 app and it will rise to 20ft automatically but most of the time when I press RTH it doesn't use this. I won't get the notification either on the app that it is precisely locating landing point...
  2. J

    Precision landing & video cache

    Sorry to be posting new threads. I did search. Does the video cache need to be turned on for the precision landing feature to function? I turned mine off as it helps keep DJI GO 4 from crashing my Shield k1. I love Litchi, but I like tripod mode, too.
  3. B

    Phantom 4 Pro Plus Issues

    A couple of question for those P4P Plus users. I saw a post on Airspace media regarding landing matts and noticed (about half way through the video) that he had had ticked the 'precision landing' box when doing an auto take-off. All my firmware is up to date but I never see this option. It only...