power off

  1. B

    Phantom4 PRO shut off while flying and crash to the ground

    sudden my Phantom4 PRO shut off while flying at 25mts and it was only its 2nd flight
  2. P

    Cannot power down P4 remote

    Hi There Has anyone seen a P4 Pro remote freeze up and not actually power down? I know the drill for switching off the remote, have done it many times, but now it is stuck on, is beeping and has a solid red light on. I thought it would power down from inactivity over night but just up and its...
  3. Mork

    Landing - grabbing P3P out of the air

    When I was flying my P2V+ and didn't want to land it I just grabbed my phantom P2 And used the power on-off button on the battery to stop my phantom. Ideal when on a boat or another not so good landing surface area. But with my P3P this is not possible anymore?!? It won't go power off with...