1. Helihover

    My New Video

    I took some of my older clips and compiled a new video showcasing some of my better stuff:) I still have some really good footage that didn't make this cut, (like my train video!) but this one feels good so I went with it. I didn't really do any color correction, just focussed on the music...
  2. GrammatonxXXxCleric

    The Midnight people

    Filming during the night in Portland Oregon. interesting take on low light flight and the people that are up at that hour.
  3. GrammatonxXXxCleric

    Lumber yard in the dark- Portland Oregon

    Re-flew this spot with better lighting and movements:
  4. Tyler Mason

    Snowy drive through Oregon

    I took this picture with the P4 earlier this year while out in the Portland area. They had just gotten a ton of snow the day before, which made for some awesome drone footage. I really want to get back out to that area in the summer time. It's beautiful! (And a great place to fly.)
  5. Tyler Mason

    Snowy Oregon in 4K

    I just recently started flying the Phantom 4 (finally upgraded from the Blade Chroma) so I'm new to the Phantom Pilots group but happy to be here. I happened to be out in the Portland area when they got a ton of snow a few weeks back. It was awesome to get some footage of the snowy trees! Video...
  6. J


  7. M

    Portland Area Commercial Flyers

    I have a lot of experience with GIS and remote sensing and would like to get into the commercial drone field for agriculture and mapping services. I was wondering if anyone in the area has had experience with this and would be interested in sharing some insight into how they got into it.