1. Newt59

    Political Action

    Guys, Just tonight I heard on Fox News XM some very disturbing news. The FAA is looking at letting local governments place restrictions on flights below 200 feet. First responders have the ability to disable drones and more and more states are allowing use of the technology. A government...
  2. M

    UK Police Guidance on Drones - Document issued to Officers

    Apologies if this has appeared elsewhere, I haven't found it on the forums...... This document is designed to support Police Force policies for the prosecution and recording of incidents involving 'drones'. An essential read, document attached! Any thoughts? Feel free to share them!
  3. rickray

    Drone confiscated, arrested, put on trial, found guilty, never visit this country!

    Hello flyers. Below is the story of my arrest by corrupt customs agents in the tiny country of Macedonia (north of Greece). People with drones in their luggage are being targeted by corrupt customs police as the resale value within the country is up to 5 times the retail value. This is the...
  4. J

    Police vs law vs drones

    So basically, I flew down to Hollywood, and wanted to fly my p3s, so I did. Not 2 minutes after takeoff I am approached by a police officer who tells me to land immediately and that "drones are only legal in certain parks in California." [edit: I was not in a park at the time, so what the...
  5. HoboDan

    Dear Arizona UAV Pilots

    We are very lucky cuz we can fly problem free in thousands of miles of BLM land.... I admit, the mesquite tree is a boring use of 4K, but at least we don't have all the problems of many other crowded and overly ruled states. If you remember a couple years ago, I think it was Paradise Valley...
  6. H

    Sorrento/Italy drone rules?

    I have booked a holiday to Sorrento in south Italy in the summer and was looking forward to taking my drone with me, however I just looked up the regulations in italy and they are extremely tight compared to the UK(and the Netherlands)! They state you must have third party insurance, not fly...
  7. Ivar.Myrberg

    Very close call and crash with my Dji Phantom 4

    Had my first crash and close call with my Phantom 4, lost rc signal and it started to return to home, thanks to the obsticle avoidance system it didnt crash, but it was hella close
  8. Kampy

    Unexpected encounter with LAPD

    Yesterday I was flying my P4 over my apartment building in Sherman Oaks, CA, and had the drone about a block away (over Ventura Blvd) when a helicopter flew overhead at a pretty low altitude (over me, not the drone). The first thing I did was freeze and try to get a visual on the helicopter's...
  9. M

    UK Police to use Eagles to pull drones out the sky

    This is quite an amazing video to see. If you by any chance happen to fly over a NFZ, you will have one of these bad boys recover your drone for you lol. Police 'ponder eagles to tackle drones' - BBC News I seriously wouldn't see this being used, but if it does you can at least see a real...
  10. Mario_SB

    Cops shining light on my P3 during night flight.

    Flying over my neighborhood around 12:30am at about 300 feet. I guess the cops were curious and shined their light on me. Out of curiosity, does anyone see anything wrong with flying at night?
  11. beatnik

    Responding to law enforcement

    Does anyone know if law enforcement on the local or state level are getting instructions on dealing with drone pilots? Aside from the negative stereotyping we see, which undoubtedly also changes how cops see drone pilots, what do we say when stopped? Looking at DJI's and FAA recommendations as...