1. MaryKay

    Do I need P4P polarizing filters?

    Before I buy filters for my new P4P2 I’d appreciate some advice. In bright Florida sun and flying Mavic Pro near/over the ocean & lakes a lot, I’ve almost always used PolarPro’s ND32/PL. I’ve been happy with the results but I don’t know how non-polarizing ND would look. Recommendations, please!
  2. SoCalDude


    {since I didn't know how to delete a post (especially a thread-starting post), I'm pseudo-deleting this thread until an admin can cleanly remove it}
  3. Drone Alps

    Polarizing filters explained?

    ⚫ Polarizing filters>> Are there any good videos explaining when to use them and how to ensure they are correctly aligned? More importantly, I'd like to see some comparison videos, because from my experiments I see little difference! Thanks :)