polar pro polarized lens

  1. Dramface460

    Which cloth is best to use for phantom camera lens

    hey I have a few of these real thin and soft camera lens cloths and I have microfiber cloths. Should I stick with the thin camera lens cloths for cleaning or does it matter what I use? I have the vivid series polar pro lens' and want to make sure they are cleaned the correct way. Thansk ya all
  2. dynamic3dSolutions

    New Polar Pro Nesting Case, 6 polar pro lens,18 micro sd cards & sd card adapter.

    This Polar pro Nesting Case case holds 6 polar pro lenses, 18 micro sd cards & 1 micro sd card adapter. The polar pro lens caddy is lined with a non-scratch felt and has a great fit. There is a gap at the back of the caddy while inside the case for a small lens cloth. This fits the...