poland by drone

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    a drone flight in Fojutowo at the intersection of two watercourses

    Hello, A drone flight in Fojutowo to the "river crossing". The Grand Brda Canal flows up the mountain, and 9 meters lower - the river Czerska Struga. The video was recorded using the DJI Phantom 4 Professional v2.0 drone. The video was realized in 4K resolution. Filters used: - ND8 Polar Pro...
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    Bukowiec church in Poland from the bird's eye view 4K

    Hello, Bukowiec church from the bird's eye view 4K I hope you like it, please share a video with your friends. It will be nice for me. Regards Marcin from Poland
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    50 places in Poland city by drone 4K

    Hello drone enthiusiastics, I would like to share with my drone video taken over my home city in Poland - Bydgoszcz. I visited 50 places to edit this video!!!! I do really hope you like it. Regards Marcin from Poland
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    capital of Poland - Warsaw by drone 4K

    Hello Drone Ethiusiastics! I want to share with you my video registered in the capital of Poland - Warsaw in winter season. I shot the most known, major and minor places in Warsaw (not all of them). It was registered in 4K quality by DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone. The footage was shot during...
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    Polish city: Poznan by drone in 4K

    Hello drone Enthiusiastics! I would like to share with you my combined video from many video shots from one of the biggest cities in Poland. Video was registered in 4K quality in Poland. These are the best moments from my flights. Video presents the following places in Poznan by drone: -...
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    Polish Sopot summer vacation city but registred in winter

    Hello! I want to share with you very beautiful and the most richest city (I mean population) in Poland. It is very beautiful city during summer holidays but I went there on winter time. It is located at Gdansk Gulf. I was flying with my drone over the Catholic church on the hill not far away...
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    old Polish city Gdansk at the Gulf of Gdansk by drone

    Hello! I want to share with my photo (video later) taken in Gdansk (very beautiful old city) where the 2nd World War was started (in Westerplatte). In the photos you will see town hall and Neptun monument. Gdansk is located at the Gulf of Gdansk on the north of Poland It was registered by DJI...
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    drone flight over the church

    Hello! I want to share with you my video registered by DJI P3P above a catholic church in small village (Maksymilianowo) in Poland in winter. 1) VIDEO: 2) PHOTOS: panorama photo: 2017-02-04 - lot dronem nad kosciolem w Maksymilianowie - panoramiczne panorama HDR: 2017-02-04 - lot dronem...