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    a drone flight in Fojutowo at the intersection of two watercourses

    Hello, A drone flight in Fojutowo to the "river crossing". The Grand Brda Canal flows up the mountain, and 9 meters lower - the river Czerska Struga. The video was recorded using the DJI Phantom 4 Professional v2.0 drone. The video was realized in 4K resolution. Filters used: - ND8 Polar Pro...
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    drone flight on Easter holiday in one of the biggest district in Bydgoszcz in Poland

    Hello! I would like to show you my drone flight video on Easter holiday in Bydgoszcz city in Poland. It was recorded on the biggest flat district in Bydgoszcz city via Phantom 2 using GoPro 4 Hero Black 4K video quality. Have a nice watching Kindest regards Marcin from Poland