please help

  1. S

    PLEASE HELP Phantom 4 Pro

    following a low hight crash landing ( less than 6 feet) the drone landed upside down and the battery was ejected on impact now when i power it on i can only see the camera other than it doing the self test on startup i can not control the drone at all i have tried updating firmware on the...
  2. Neilen

    No live view or gimbal control.

    Drone was fine after latest firmware update. This morning there was an app update. Galaxy tab2. App says no signal. But can fly it with control. But gimbal hangs loose. Have reinstalled DJI go app twice Recint controller. Whats next?
  3. M

    Replaced parts after crash, will idle but won't fly?

    I couple weeks back I had a pretty bad crash with my P1. I found it the next day upside down in the snow but luckily when I got it home and took it apart all 4 motors still started up.. Being new to dji products I made a noob mistake and after taking off the broken parts of the prop guards I put...