playback problem

  1. joe_cali

    Just got my P4 ~ Problem viewing video on my PC

    Hello All. I just got my P4 last week and I'm STOKED to be flying the p*ss out of it every chance I get.. So glad I got the second battery. The bird is handling beautifully but I'm getting a herky-jerky video playback on my PC. I'm downloading the vids from the mem card and viewing on my PC...
  2. B

    White Flashing in Playback

    Hi, I'm having an issue with my Phantom 4 playback. Hopefully someone can help. During playback, an occasional white flash occurs. I'm on manual mode so it shouldn't be a problem with exposure, I was wondering if it's a problem with Quicktime and 4k and UHD. Has anyone else experienced this...