1. G

    Help! Intentionally flying without gimbal - Parrot Sequoia attached

    I couldn't find this topic anywhere else, apologies if it's been covered. I'm a graduate student looking at modeling wild pig damage on crop fields using a newly acquired Phantom 3 Standard and Parrot Sequoia. I'd like top fly the Phantom without the standard gimbal camera attached, and have...
  2. tml4191

    How many of you actually used the DJI care plan?

    What did you do for to your drone, and was the dji care plan worth it?
  3. Akermay

    Air Plan 3 - iPhone & iPad - Available Now!

    Hello, Josh, lead developer of Air Plan here. We’re happy to announce Air Plan 3 is now available! I don’t want to delve too deeply into the plugging, but I hope you’ll take a look. I’ve left a short description below of what Air Plan is all about below and take a look at our website more...