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    Phantom 4 Advanced for surveying and mapping

    Good evening all, Today I used third party software such as pix4d to fly a grid mission with my phantom 4 advanced. Majority of the images are blurry except the ones at the end of the grid. in DJI Go4 app, I had set the settings to auto detect the required parameters before the flight. Within...
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    Pix4dcapture and Near-IR help for P4

    I am trying out Pix4dcapture for my automated flying, but cannot figure out how to get the near-IR camera to fire along with the RGB. I have an integrated near-IR from Sentera. Anyone run into this before? Anyone have ideas? Thanks
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    When will DJI SDK for P4P be available

    I use the Phantom 4 for mapping missions using Pix4d Capture, and Map Pilot apps. Being the camera is much better on the P4Pro, more pixels, no rolling shutter. I want to run a mission with the new P4P. Unfortunate no apps available yet. Here is what I got from Pix4D when asking for software...