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    Lightbridge 1 DBUS port pinout

    Hello everyone! I am new to PhantomPilots, and i used InspirePilots previously. I am building a bicopter, and will be using Lightbridge 1, for video and control. Flightcontroller is CC3D Revo, flashed with INAV. The Lightbridge 1 has a DBUS port. In other forums, i have read that DBUS is...
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    A Fix For a Broke Compass Connector

    Hi all, I have a broken compass Connector. It is totally broke off the Main board. I do not have it or the compass wire. Is there a way to fix it inexpensively? I can solder well, if I know what I need and what the pinout is.
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    GPS and Compass pinout

    Hi guys, I recently drowned my Phantom 3 Standard and it won't boot up now. I found out that I have to replace the main board and the FC (that little black box on top). I decided to make it a INav build instead. The only problem is that I can't find anywhere the GPS and Compass module pinout. I...
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    Pinout camera trigger on phantom 3 pro

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to take the signal when the camera is triggering on a phantom 3 PRO. Do you have an idea ? I need this to log events triggering on a gps board added to the pahntom 3 PRO. Thank you.