1. C

    Drones and Pilots wanted

    Hi, I'm a staff member at Illinois Institute of Technology, and the chair of the DuPage County STEM Expo in Wheaton Illinois. There is a Hugh event going on Saturday February 24 at the Rice Campus. One of our presenters was going to demonstrate flying drones, and discussing a little about them...
  2. clackey

    New SparkPilots Launched

    We are making some final tweaks to the new SparkPilots.zone site but come on by, create your account and start chatting it up! DJI Spark Pilots Drone Forum Btw, don't confuse us for sparkpilots.com. That isn't us. Someone purchased the domain just an hour or two before us (when the spark...
  3. clackey

    PhantomPilots Merchandise

    Hey all - we've had a lot of requests for decals, tshirts, etc.. so we decided to partner with a community member to provide our "officially licensed" merchandise. You can find PhantomPilots shirts and decals from aerial-pixel at the link below. Aerial-Pixel Graphics and Apparel for...
  4. clackey

    New MavicPilots.com Launched!

    Hey all! We launched the new MavicPilots.com site. Check it out here - Mavic Drone Forum. We are really excited about the new platform and expect millions of new Mavic pilots over the next year. Soon we'll be discontinuing the mavic discussions on PhantomPilots to redirect that traffic to...
  5. F

    Sacramento Ca pilots

    Hey Sac and surrounding area pilots! I am a new phantom 3 pilot and I was wondering if anyone knows of any clubs or social events in Sacramento area. Its a little boring flying solo all the time so I'm hoping to meet some peeps in sac town.
  6. HoboDan

    Dear Arizona UAV Pilots

    We are very lucky cuz we can fly problem free in thousands of miles of BLM land.... I admit, the mesquite tree is a boring use of 4K, but at least we don't have all the problems of many other crowded and overly ruled states. If you remember a couple years ago, I think it was Paradise Valley...
  7. clackey

    Are you Ready to Race?

    Ever considered drone racing? We recently launched DroneRacingPilots.com to support the growing interest in the racing sport. Come join your fellow Phantom Pilots to discuss and dive into this exciting new sport!