1. D

    Pics of my P3P

    New to forum....Merry Xmas...
  2. S

    Pics not appearing on Android phone Gallery

    Hi, I'm only a month into using my phantom 3 4k drone and I am not sure if I have my settings right but when I use it, if I record video using the remote and DJI GO App, the recorded video is automatically saved on my Samsung Note 4 gallery android app but if I take any pics with the remote, it...
  3. fotografiko

    Photography and photomerge

    Last week I was on a golf camp, take this series of shoots and use photomerge in photoshop cs6, the other two pics just to check the sensor camera, what do you think?
  4. M

    Intro with some pics!

    Hey all, first post here. New to drones but not photography/video or RC. Located in the DC area in MD and a fan of anything with a motor, a camera, or any combination of them. Still learning the ropes but here's a pic of my setup and a couple shots from a recent flight. No videos yet as I...