photo issue

  1. T

    Photo Time Stamp P4P+

    Is there a way to add a Date and Time stamp to photographs after I’ve already taken them?
  2. T

    Snow Photos Blown Out

    Can I just not take photos of snow with automatic settings? All but 3 photos (right in the middle) are blown out from this afternoon's flying. All of the videos look great so I grab frames as stills. This has happened before but it was a sunny summer day. What am I overlooking?
  3. D

    Cool Aliasing Effect on Stadium Video..But how do I avoid it?

    Although I think the effect is cool, there are many times, particularly on real estate shoots that the roofs give this effect and I don't want it. Tips on how to avoid it? Watch the video and let me know please. Thanks!
  4. M

    Is this really the quality?

    I just got my P3 Pro and did some test flying over the weekend. I didn't like the photos that looked extremely blurry or out of focus. I just took a couple more pictures hand holding the drone. To me they still look blurry but I am used to the quality of Canon EOS 5D mark II. Can somebody please...
  5. Magestri


    I flew my Advanced today, and each time a shot a photo, I lost FPV while is seemed to process the image, then I didn't get the video back until I hit the record button on the video. Anything I can do about this?