phone mount

  1. Rjak

    Replacement screws for the standard phone mount.

    Anyone know what kind of screws these are? I'm still Googling around sites that sell replacement parts for Phantoms and not seeing this screw in particular.
  2. R

    Mounting mobile phones to P3P bird

    Hey Guys, I need some advise. I'm about to do a demo with the P3P with 1 phone connected one each side total of 2 phones. So most of the stuff is done and tested. I designed and 3D printed the phone holders which look very steady. I have tested the drone flying outdoors with both phones...
  3. N

    Standard Controller in DJI Case

    Hello, I bought the DJI Phantom 3 – Hardshell Backpack CP.PT.000239 and I cannot get the standard controller to fit in there without smashing it in. Did anyone have any luck (and can share photos) of how they were able to get the phone mount part of the controller to fit? This case is supposed...