phanton 4 pro

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    P4ProPlus controller that beeps softly while OFF?

    Hello, I bought a Phantom 4 Pro Plus and unpacked everything, charged my controller and it beeps softly, and continuously, when it is powered down. Anyone ever had something like this?
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    Private Fireworks Show

    Our neighbors invited us over to see their fireworks, I shot the video from just above tree level on my property 300 ft from where they were being set off, nothing but pasture under my P4P.. there are two versions. One was enhanced in post using Power Director and one is stock, which one do you...
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    New Facebood page for us droners!

    A brand new Facebook page has just been created for droner's called Black Sheep Drone Squadron. Feel free to post your pictures, video's, comments, etc there. I tried to post the link here but it won't let me. Search for the title in Facebook and you should find it.
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    P4Pro Controller problem

    Hi All, I have a new P4 Pro and after a few successful flights I was prompted on screen to upgrade the controller firmware. I unplugged the controller (I think during the downloading process, although it wasn't obvious it was downloading! ) and now it wont connect to the phantom and the...