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    Professional Controller lost connection to the Phanton 3 Prof after a Drone/Controller firmware upgrade

    All, I would like some help on what to do with an issue that I encountered. I flew my drone yesterday without any issues and decided to upgrade my firmware last night due to warnings from the DJI App. I upgraded the controller and drone firmware but now the controller won't talk to the drone...
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    New Facebood page for us droners!

    A brand new Facebook page has just been created for droner's called Black Sheep Drone Squadron. Feel free to post your pictures, video's, comments, etc there. I tried to post the link here but it won't let me. Search for the title in Facebook and you should find it.
  3. Sessão Oldschool de Skateboard on Vimeo

    Sessão Oldschool de Skateboard on Vimeo

    [English] Aerial footage from an old school session of skateboard, here in Brazil, to be more precisely the is known by Campon, in São Bernardo, São Paulo. An ordinary summer afternoon, lots of sun and plenty of concrete to skate. Thanks to all my friends who are part of the video, which came with
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    Ny first phanton!

    Hello guys, it's done just order a phanton 3 advanced from Amazon today, I'm not currently I'm the USA so I will have to wait until causing bring it to me in like 3weeks, I was going to travel myself but I rather spend the money in the phantom, I'm from Ecuador, so will be able to upload some...