phantom2 vision plus

  1. megdani

    "System Error" followed by "RC Signal Lost"

    Hi! I bought my first drone today, the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+. And after several hours of troubleshooting, i just can't figure out what to do. The DJI Vision app says "System Error" for a minute or two, followed by "RC Signal Lost" and "Phantom Connection Lost". I have followed the guide to set...
  2. F

    Overdischarged battery LEDs always ON

    Hi Everyone, I bought a Phantom 2 Vision+ with an over discharged battery, after the battery was charged 3 times with no success, the LEDs turned on (maybe because i touched something inside the circuit), so I thought of a success. I put the battery into the drone and he's alive! after the...
  3. L

    Red flashing lights on my p2 can anyone help me?

    Hi my p2 is flashing red lights and making a hazard like beep noise, I can't do anything with it does anyone know what this problem could possibly be? Thanks
  4. M

    No gps sd card info on app

    Hi, sorry for my english, i'am from argentina, Maybe somebody could help me. After a couple of flights save my dron in perfect condition, and then when I want to fly it again i have this error. I read that to test the wifi module I made pin and I was successful. Please somebody...
  5. Z

    found phantom 2V+ in cedar falls iowa

    I found a drone on the sidewalk next to the university of northern iowa campus. It has an FAA Number, which i can post if it helps find the owner. I just want to return it as quick as i can. It is now dead, or i assume it to be. What's some good measures to take to locate the owner? Anything...
  6. TomWolves


    hello all . I just want to know if anyone from United States have ordered any DJI parts from "HeliPal" and if they are satisfied with them etc. I want to order a part for my Phantom2 Vision Plus, and I am spectacle on what they say with shipping arrival time ( 6-7 business days ) I would get my...