phantom vision 2 plus

  1. J

    IGNORE: Item sold! Phantom 2 Vision Plus for Parts, lot of extras

    This unlucky drone sat in the woods for 3 years until deer hunters found it. But it has good parts AND I have two controllers, 6 extra new props, blade guards, custom carrying case, all cords and charging adapters. AND ALSO have a fully repaired working gimbel + camera that was my spare. All...
  2. P

    What are the latest software versions for the Phantom Vision Plus

    I have been not been flying for the past 8 months and want to bring my two Phantom Vision 2 Plus birds up to the latest stable software versions that work together well. This means the Android software, the controller software, and the bird software. Can someone please help me? I bought them...
  3. DaedalusReborn

    Phantom 2 Vision Plus Wobble of Death with Dashware telemetry

    Caught in a VRS ( Vortex Ring State), prevented the inevitable crash with a couple of simple steps. Telemtry data provided with Flytrex module and Dashware. Song : DOCTOR FLAKE - Sueurs froides
  4. B

    Crazy gimbal alternative

    Good day. The crazy gimbal issue after a crash has been a very well known issue for most of us. I have scoured the internet, saw the halfmoon rod locktite fix (used epoxy for extra strength) but still no go. My unit crashed from 8 feet high when i was trying to land it with a near depleted...