phantom pro 4

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    P3 SE or P3 Pro?

    I'm looking at buying a SE today but I was just reading that the Pro has an advantage over how you connect to your mobile device with a cable leaving your wifi free to connect online as you can see in this discussion Phantom 3 se or Phantom 3 pro?, but the argument for the SE is that the Pro...
  2. Donatas

    Crater of the volcano Eldborg

  3. C

    install new programs like litchi app on Pro+

    IHi, I need to install new apps like litchi on reomote controll screen integrated but its not suported. It has facebook twitter, but not Google play to install 3rd part apps. Its there any trik to install to use waypoints maps and configuration offline? Or I have to buy an other controller. :mad:
  4. W

    Gimbal Tilt issue

    Hey Guys! I'm new to the forum, thanks for having me. I was messing around with my Phantom 4 pro one night, and ended up in the gimbal settings. Smoothness, tilt...etc. Unfortunately I wasn't paying much attention to what these settings were doing to my gimbal. I'm afraid I have set the gimbal...