phantom parts

  1. Ripper74

    Phantom receiver 2.4 ghz tx rf c1

    Selling the receiver board and antennas for the phantom 1.1.1 25$. Plus shipping
  2. Ripper74

    Phantom 1 and 2 GPS and compas.

    Selling the gps and compas from my phantom 1. Is working perfectly. 35$ plus shipping The GPS Module for Phantom 1 Quadcopter provides the aircraft's flight control system with essential satellite-based location data. GPS is required for many autopilot assisted features, includes Return to...
  3. Ripper74

    Yks brushless motors phantom 1 and 2

    I’m selling my yks motors all work very well and 3 have the ecs boards with them 25 for everything. Plus shipping. The double layer, single wire stator technology increases slot wire embedding degree and improves heat dissipation Also, the single wire stator design improves motor...
  4. FunN4lo

    P3P parts

    The clip for the gimbal cable in the pic is damaged. Looking for a place to buy the cable, and or a parts break down. Also, if you have any insight into what is involved to get to the other end, that would be great!
  5. S

    New kid on the Canadian block.

    Hey guys, I got my first drone about a year and a half ago (P3Pro), and fell in love with it. I wanted to be involved in the community and technology, and one of the things I did is open an online store for the Canadian market. If you are looking for the all the newest drones, parts, and sales...