phantom drone

  1. Hera

    Really need your help ~

    Hey guys:p This is Hera, a super rookie on phantom drone, who is really need your help~~~~~~~~ I want to purchase one set of phantom drone for my vocation in Europe in August, but due to the difference of voltage, the power converter must be needed, like this one. 1.Can the phantom drone be used...
  2. muriel

    How Long Used for P4 Battery

    After the end of flight P4, if you forget to turn off the battery switch, the consequences will happen? I need to buy two more batteries. :confused::sob:
  3. J

    Video comparison: Phantom 3(v2) and P4 motors

    I was interested to see the differences(besides the obvious) between the P3 and the P4 motors. I like the quick connect props and was questioning if it may be possible to swap motors. The results were pretty surprising. Link for the video is below: Thanks, -J-
  4. F

    DJI Phantom 3 Kit.

    I have given up flying the DJI Phantom 3 and I have quite a lot of kit to dispose of The list is as follows.......Price of everything........£225 1 x Heavy Duty Carry Case. 1 x DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Battery As New Charged Twice but never used. 1 x Take Off/Landing Pad. 1 x Angel...