phantom crash

  1. lucasudd

    Standard Is my phantom drunk or something? (Phantom flips random in the air)

    Hello! So, i have been moving apartments last week and i was going to fly my phantom for the first time for 3 weeks. I came out, callibrated the compass as i always do and as normal took of. Suddenly my phantom did a HUGE FLIP and came down really HARD on the aspfhalt. Luckily it landed/crashed...
  2. electriclife

    Epic crash - My old P4P in the hands of a rookie - Gone for good

    Epic DJI Phantom 4 Drone crash. I gave my old P4P to a friend and he royally crashed it after just a few flights. I guess he was flying in sport mode, which probablt also disabled the sensors, therefore the bird did not see the upcoming building, crashing straight into the Church. Fortunately...
  3. Phantom 4 Pro Crash Break Down

    Phantom 4 Pro Crash Break Down

    I talk about the mistakes I made when I crashed my Phantom 4 Pro
  4. G

    Phantom 3 PRO Crashed with "Critically Low Voltage" message

    My P3Pro crashed from 100m hight immediately after "Critical Low Voltage" message. Even though the battery charge for the time before was about 40-50%. Aircraft completely broken. Does anybody know is it guaranty case for me?
  5. MAskinut

    Water Damage Tips & Process

    I've been flying almost exclusively over water for the last several months filming some boat races & wakeboarding among other things. There have been two incidents worth sharing. Once into fresh water in New Zealand. In this case, it the Phantom off 18 seconds into a flight during a takeoff at...