phantom advanced

  1. K

    Phantom 4 adv + GL300F

    Hello everyone. I have a Phantom 4 Advanced with RC GL300E (with display) and I'm trying to pair my P4A with another remote - GL300F (no display). I fail. Can this RC GL300F (no display) be paired with P4A? According to this schedule, it should be ok...
  2. E

    DJI Spark takes better quality photos than phantom 3 advanced

    The specs say that the cameras are both 12mp and 1/2.3 inch sensors but for whatever reason my spark takes higher quality photos than my phantom advanced... does the type of SD card have anything to do with it? Or is it just that the spark is a newer model?
  3. PhantomWetSuits

    Pond 5 Paying you for your Drone Footage ( lets make money )

    Lets talk Drone Footage that is listed at POND 5 to make money $$$$$ Flying for a hobby is fun but making money from you being in the right spot at the right time is EPIC FUN First impression of Pond 5 I thought it was saturated and in some way it is. 70 thousand video but check this out...
  4. InSpectrum33

    DJI Phantom Three Advanced and Phantom Three Standard

    I have two drones, One is a DJI Phantom 3 Standard and the other is a Phantom 3 Advanced. Both power up etc..... However gimbal and camera is broken on both of them. Looking to seel as the pair. Both have their remotes. Also comes with a total of four batteries, one hard case that stores up to...
  5. PhantomWetSuits

    Phantom Rain Wetsuit - New Product Accessory for the Phantom 4

    For those how need to NEGOTIATE rain check out the 26 minute downpour flying the Phantom Rain Wetsuit. We think you will be thrilled with the Phantom Rain Wetsuit Accessory for the Phantom 4 Drones . This is the break down in slow motion , but the storm video show it true...
  6. R

    Does anyone have any tips on how to capture natural sound with a Phantom Adv?

    Does anyone know how to capture natural sound with Phantom Advanced? I know the quadcopter does not have sound built-in.