phantom 4 pro parts

  1. DaShu

    Phanton 4 PRO Chassis w/ ESC's, motors, led's, gps unit

    Stripped out of a Phantom 4 PRO. Chassis has a broken sensor arm(as seen) but whats really for sale is the ESC's (left/right), motors, and LED lights, GPS antenna. $200 + shipping. Everything is still wired to the boards.
  2. 2

    Phantom 4 pro little steel ribbon bracket

    Does anyone know where I can find the little steel bracket that goes attached to the yaw motor that directs the ribbon cable under the yaw motor cover? I lost mine and can’t seem to locate one. Does it have a name or part number so I can look it up correctly? Or does anyone have a extra spare...
  3. S

    P4P Crash, Drone Nerds and P4P Parts Availability

    Due to my own inattention, I crashed my P4P into the side of my house a while back. One landing gear was broken off on both sides from the lower shell and the lower shell was damaged. Given things I had heard about DJI service and given that I wasn't making a warranty claim, I decided to send it...
  4. Nowelly

    Phantom 4 Professional spare parts

    Has anyone managed to find ANY suppliers supplying spare P4 Pro parts yet? There are some notable differences of some basic essentials I have discovered between the P4 and the Pro model (besides the camera and sensors, of course): propeller guards are different, the rotor motors are different...