phantom 4 app

  1. Dramface460

    Phantom 4 tramsmitter loses connection can not find drone now

    I can't believe I lost my drone today. I was flying about 1200 feet away and 158 feet in the air. I could see the lights. I received a lost connection aircraft message then the whole app went gray( same when the transmitter is turned off and not connected to the aircraft). This wasn't a big deal...
  2. C

    iPad 4 good enough?

    Hey, I am thinking of buying the Phantom 4, but first I want to make sure that my Ipad 4 with 1024 of ram works well with the DJI app. Just for flying, without livestream. I also have an IPad mini 1gen(512mb ram),but I think it is much slower than the iPad 4. Anyone had experience with the...
  3. IBV

    Ground control station UGCS

    Hi there, Anybody ussing UGCS? Ground Station Software | UgCS PC Mission Planning Any experience with it?