phantom 3 video

  1. The Suburban Hippie

    Summer in Maryland, 2016

  2. JamesG2571

    Morning Haze video!!

    Hi, I am a new phantom 3 pilot and this is only my second video with the quad, I shot it in the early morning in the south of England. Enjoy. Shot with Phantom 3 Standard - 1080p - D-LOG - Edited in Final Cut Pro X
  3. JamesG2571

    First week with Phantom 3 Standard [Video]

    Hello, I am new to flying DJI's Phantom quadcopters, I previously flown the Syma X8W (A toy) to learn the basics of manual flight. After months of saving I got myself a Phantom 3 Standard and I am over the moon with the quad. It's amazing! I have created a video with a few of my favourite...