phantom 3 standard crash

  1. T

    No Video On Screen After Crash, Red Light on RC

    Hi Folks First post after reading through the site, tearing my hair out and stripping the gimbal for 14 hours. Long story short I am an idiot and clipped a tree branch and it tumbled like a stone about 30 feet at 9.8m per second into the hard grassy ground. So I got it home and started to take...
  2. R

    Crashed drone

    I recently crashed my and broke the arm to the gimbal. I ordered the new parts put them on and when i turned it on the camera started going crazy and says motor overload no signal and no picture shows to my phone. Does anybody know why this is
  3. J

    Gimbal Disconnected Phantom 3 Standard

    I'm going to smash this thing... Last September, my P3S decided it wanted to get a closer look at some trees, so it flew into them. I didn't get around to fixing it until a few weeks ago. I bent the roll arm and tore the ribbon cable. Good thing I had on a solid gimbal guard and thats all that...
  4. Grandpa Don

    Desert flight, crash, and injury. Lesson learned!

    I'm having a good time with the camera on my P3S. Only been flying it for about three weeks now. Still learning the little tricks that you only learn by building flying time. I'm a commercially rated fixed wing pilot, so I know how important flying time is. Yesterday I went out in the...