phantom 3 standard battery

  1. Kev74

    Wanted...p3s battery

    Anyone have an extra phantom 3 standard battery for sale? Preferably accepts credit or debit? I had PayPal but not sure if its still active. Thanks in advance..
  2. M

    Phantom 3 standard for sale - new with accessories

    I am selling a brand new Phantom 3 standard that has never been opened and is still sealed in its box. It also comes with an extra, never used, Intelligent Flight battery and a brand new chrome XIT hard case. Let me know if you have any questions, I can also send more pictures. Asking $600...
  3. L

    Using battery after water crash?

    Thanks to everyone who responded to my cry for help after I crashed my P3S into water last week. I've read a lot about not using the same battery when turning on your Phantom after a water crash. Is this time related? Ex. how long it was in the water? The time between it going in the water and...
  4. M


    So lately my battery has been acting strange by strange i mean the battery life counter. It keeps saying that i have 92 % of battery life left. I only have 34 charges on it and the battery capacity is 4502 mah. I m not sure if the battery should act like that. Should i be worried in any way ...