phantom 3 professional crash

  1. M

    Crash and problem with the roll motor gimbal

    I had an accident recently with my phantom 3 and luckily still fly , but the camera gimbal not stabilized horizontally. (in the video you can see how it behaves ) . I disarmed the yaw motor and in that moment fell like dust parts of the magnet, that was the reason why when one moved his with the...
  2. E

    What to do with battery after phantom crash

    So I had a crash with my P3P a couple days ago..My phantom caught a tree branch and fell about 30-45ish feet. I had some scratches and some separation in the seams of the body so I sent it to drone nerds down in Florida for a repair. My question now is what should I do with the battery? I know...
  3. Gabriel Lehto Gomes

    RIP P3P - P3P went crazy and crashed fatally

    Last Tuesday during the morning I went shot a job with my beloved Phantom 3 Pro. But when I stared it presented several errors in the compass…I tried calibrate it several times, without success. After looking for a lot I found a place that the compass wasn’t presented error… and I flew a short...