phantom 3 pro controller

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    P3 pro controller won't update

    HELP HELP HELP I just bought a p3 pro can . I managed to update the aircraft but the controller won't update. I have tried all usb methods and connecting to aircraft no luck.... I have read somewhere that it needs to be done via the add/phone . How is this done Please help
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    Phantom 3 RC help (Need Ribbon)

    Hello all, Recently discovered right joystick and RTH button mounts had failed internally - I Took apart, and upon opening the case the main/con ribbon popped loose from main board before I unlocked it. This seemed to weaken the ribbon connector's ability to lock the cable down. After...
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    FS: Phantom 3 Pro Controller with charger

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    DJI GL300 "C" "New"

    Selling a brand new DJI GL300 "C" controller lastest DJI version. $150 to your door I will pickup the PayPal and shipping fees (lower 48 states)