phantom 3 gimbal

  1. R

    Advanced P3 advanced gimbal bent?

    hi there does anybody know how i could straighten this gimbal or what i could do to fix it? camera is working but i never checked to see how bent the horizon actually is. had a minor crash today
  2. Eric1084

    Professional How to separate Gimbal Arm from Main Gimbal Board

    Hello, I am trying to replace the top gimbal board for the gimbal. But how do I separate the bottom board from the arm? There seems to be a press-fitted black screw securing it in place. Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. dynamic3dSolutions

    Phantom 3 Rubber Gimbal lock & Polar-Pro lens cover.

    Dji Phantom 3 Professional or Advanced Gimbal Lock and Lens Cover - All In One ! Dji doesn't ship the phantom 3 with any kind of lens protector to protect the expensive camera lens from dust or scratches! The stock gimbal lock is a pain & any lens cap you buy and put on will pull your lens...
  4. E

    Professional Looking for hard to find part

    Need some help here-- I have scoured the internet and can't seem to find a Phantom 3 Gimbal circuit board cover. This is not what attaches to the drone body (that is easy to find) but is the other side on the gimbal itself. 20151205_145544 by evolution6 posted Dec 5, 2015 at 6:40 PM Does...
  5. J

    Phantom 3 advanced camera/gimbal for sale

    got my camera/gimbal for sale on eBay. The p3a was crashed and the motor that holds the camera is damaged and the view is slightly tilted. The camera works fine. Just need a repair on the motor. Phantom 3 Advanced Camera Gimbal Used / Free Shipping