phantom 3 camera

  1. Athruz

    Looking for Phantom 3 Pro camera / gimbal

    My oldest daughter (she is 10) was recently given a Phantom 3 Pro from a real good buddy of mine but it doesn't have a camera. I'm looking for a fairly cheap one of course since she is 10 and more than likely might crash it learning to fly it. If you fuss have a spare or know of anyone that...
  2. G

    Phantom 3 Camera Help

    I recently had a crash that totaled my Phantom 3 Standard's camera. I cannot find a place to buy a Phantom 3 Standard camera. I'm wondering if anyone knows if I can attach a Phantom 3 4k Gimbal Camera to my standard. Are there complications? Please help! Here's a link to the camera I am talking...
  3. S


    This little black rectangular piece broke off while i was replacing my ribbon cable, anyone have any idea what it is????? or where to go to find out?
  4. V

    How to upload video to computer?

    Hello, I have recently received my Phantom 3 Standard and am enjoying it, I have taken multiple pictures and videos and am ready to move them onto my pc's hard drive. The pictures load fine using a micro SD to USB adapter, but when I attempt to open the videos, I get the message "Windows Media...
  5. J

    Phantom 3 advanced camera/gimbal for sale

    got my camera/gimbal for sale on eBay. The p3a was crashed and the motor that holds the camera is damaged and the view is slightly tilted. The camera works fine. Just need a repair on the motor. Phantom 3 Advanced Camera Gimbal Used / Free Shipping