phantom 3 battery

  1. D

    Green cell phantom 3 batteries

    Hello I'm looking for new phantom 3 battery and the only ones I can find locally are from green cell. So just want to ask if anyone had used they batteries and if they were good because I dont know if they worth the risk. And yes I tried search for reviews online but didnt really find a single one.
  2. P

    Standard Phantom3 battery falls to the ground

    What happens if my battery falls 30 centimeter(1 feet) on the hard ground? Should I change the battery or not? Pls help me I don't want to crash my drone.
  3. kerrylaw7307

    SOLD OUT !!! BRAND NEW Phantom 3 battery- never opened. $98 Free shipping

    SOLD OUT SOLD OUT SOLD OUT I ordered 2 too many batteries and have a couple to sell at a great price. • Brand New ( received these today, 3/13/2017 ) • 100% Authentic DJI™ product. UPC# 190021008861 • NOT an after market battery. DJI™ .... • These are NOT 3rd party batteries, as in...
  4. HeadshotDeluxe

    Brand New DJI Phantom 3 Intelligent Batteries For Sale $100 each

    Purchased Batteries to use with a newly purchased P3Pro but jumped on the Phantom 4 deal at Newegg and returned the P3Pro. Batteries are up for grabs. Both Genuine. Serial Numbers on batteries. New here so let me know what other details I can provide. Also have a charger if anyone needs.
  5. Dimitar

    Professional Is that decrease in mAh too big for 6 cycles?

    I recently got a new phantom 3 battery. It is my first battery ever and this is my first drone as well. I watched a lot of YouTube videos about maintenance of the battery and I have looked after mine very well and carefully. I have, by now, charged it 6 times to max capacity and flown it down to...
  6. O

    Phantom 3 4K (broken Camera and gimbal) x2 Batteries included

    The phantom 3 flies fine and no damage was sustained to the UAS itself. For sale is the phantom 3, two extra batteries, controller, and two 32gb 4k memory cards, also includes broken camera and gimbal, 500$. I will throw in a phantom 1 that needs an engine replaced (four extra engines included)...
  7. ryantrax

    Is My New Battery a Knock Off?

    Hey guys a little help here. I just got a new battery from Amazon a couple weeks ago and hadn't noticed till now that the printing on the battery is different than my original 2. Has anyone received an official DJI battery that looks like this? Battery firmware updated fine and it runs fine with...