phantom 2v+

  1. M

    Phantom 2 V+ gimbal or compass problem

    Hi, I have two Phantoms 2 V+ and I am struggleing with the gimbal pointing to the right every 10 seconds and then pointing back to normal position. I've connected phantom to PC via Assistant program and looked at compass values, the X value was changing with the gimbal movement about 15 degrees...
  2. Prowler

    P2V+ Phantom 2, vision +, Version 3. With FlyTrex & ItElite Antenna

    P2V+ Phantom 2, vision plus, Version 3: Used and working has long range antenna and FlyTrex live. Has 4 batteries that have set for a while at 50% with no use, since now I have P3. Batteries work but not can say if batteries last long time. comes with charger and prop guards. only: $599 plus...