phantom 2 battery

  1. C

    Start a New Conversation: Phantom 2 naza software and battery problem?

    Hello guys, I have been in the hobby for about a year now. Recently I bought a second hand phantom 2 vision+ without a camera that I converted to a normal phantom 2 with H3-3D and Gopro. I bought it from the secondhand section of a webshop that sells drones. The lipo had 24 chargers on it when...
  2. phxbird57

    Looking for new or next to new battery for a Phantom 2v+.

    looking for 1 or 2 new or next to new batteries.
  3. P

    MSDS for Phantom 2 Battery

    Can anyone share the MSDS (material safety data sheet) for Phantom 2 Battery? I need them for customer in oil & gas industry. Thanks a lot :)
  4. Z

    Phantom 2 battery hack -smart battery to go to ordinary lipo

    Hello,im David from Croatia.Im not flying for 3 months because of the swollen almost dead battery .I really need technical expertise or step by step how to solder and make a connection on the smart battery ,so it can go on ordinary li po batteries.I would put multistar 5200mah .So please if...