phantom 1.1.1

  1. M

    P1.1.1 and Walkera G-2d Pitch Control from R6 remote

    So i've watched a bunch of videos on setting up the controls for the gimbal on my p1.1.1 I've ran the control wire. I currently have an external battery to power gimbal so I get a little more flight time. all i'm trying to figure out is the control wire. I have connected the single wire to the...
  2. M

    Will P v1 receiver work on a v1.1.1?

    One of my pigtail antennae's ripped off the pigtail connection from the receiver board itself during a crash. I have found a good bundle deal for a new shell and a receiver but the receiver is from a v1 with only 1 connection from the reciever to the naza. Does the v1 receiver have less range...
  3. A

    Phantom 1.1.1 internals in P3 body

    Hi, I recently crashed my Phantom 1.1.1 and the 1 arm is bent. I would preferably just fix it myself but I don't think that's possible. I tried looking for a new 1.1.1 body but I cant find any. Is it possible to put the 1.1.1 internals in a P3 body? Thanks
  4. J

    Gimbal Storm 32 v 1.31 Install

    Hi, I bought a Storm 32 Gimbal for my Phantom 1.1.1 and I could not find a tutorial for this version of it (v1.31), all the youtube videos are from earlier versions. I need to know how to connect the wires from the gimbal to my drone. Here's a pic of it. Storm 32 Gimbal v1.31 by Joao Paulo...
  5. legrandphoto

    DJI Phantom 1 w/FPV and 16 Batteries - $450

    Offered for sale is a Phantom 1 with FPV set up. This unit was my personal drone bought in January 2014. It was my Daily Flyer until July 2014 when I bought a second drone and this unit became a backup and hasn't been flown much since then. Phantom is in perfect working order with all software...