phantom 1 4s battery

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    Mosbrough and other townships in Sheffield.

    Hi Guys, I went out with the drone this morning but the weather was blooming cold and very cloudy. I took a few photo's whilst I was there as you will see in the video. The drone I used: Phantom 3 Standard. The software I used: Filmora Where I got my music from: FreeMusicJukebox | Free...
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    Phantom 1.1.1 5200 mAH 4S battery test

    Thought I would share with you guys some testing with my Phantom 1.1.1 stuffed into a Phantom 2 shell and the Turnigy Multistar 5200 man 4S 14.8V battery I've been using lately. I tested it to exhaustion in this video and got a significant improvement in flight time. I usually get 11 minutes...