phantm 4

  1. Donatas

    Formula Offroad Iceland Hella 2018
  2. Donatas

    Massive fire

  3. S

    Wobble After Throttle

    I'm really new to the Forum here and I'm not entirely sure if I'm posting in the right place so please correct me if I need to post somewhere else. The other day I had a small crash with my DJI Phantom 4. After landing I managed to bump a throttle button which then sent the already landed drone...
  4. H

    live video editing from dji phantom 4

    Hi. I need to record the footage from my DJI phantom 4 live in to a macbook pro retina 15 inch to make a live video edition during the flight. If any one have an idea of how to do it it will be really helpful. thank you very much for your help!
  5. L

    New drone vid check it out

  6. C

    Can Anyone Fly In Arlington, VA

    I'm not sure if this is allowed if not I apologize. I need to get aerial pictures of a cemetery in Arlington, VA (NOT Arlington National Cemetery. I am a commercial pilot, as well as a commercial UAS pilot. If anyone has a drone that can fly in that airspace would you please contact me? I...
  7. W

    Harder Kulm

    Hello, you will find below my new video Just let me know what you think about it. Best
  8. jamesmorano

    Persona - "Say What You Say" Lyric Video - Phantom 4

    I had an amazing time filming and editing a lyric video for Persona’s new song “Say What You Say”. The video is filled with beachy vibes shot with both my Phantom 4 and GH5. It mainly features the amazing sound of Persona. “Say What You Say” was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Long Island’s...
  9. Helihover

    My Car

    This has a few shots from the P4.
  10. Bermuda Sunset

    New Guy from Philippines

    Good day everyone, as you could guess I'm a newbie here and don't get mad I'm not even a drone owner yet, although I do have one ordered. Unfortunately I may be changing my mind on the whole deal living as I do in the Philippines. Again unfortunately this isn't a great country to buy anything...